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Does zoloft help your anxiety? - ZoloftLustral (sertraline)

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I 'm new here and just started taking zoloft 3 days ago.

Have you discussed this with your doc? A different med may work better for you.

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I just wish the depression would go away!!

I find it actually helps my anxiety a lot more than the depression. I used to be terrible.not going out and worried and panicking about every single thing-even making a cup of tea would send me mad!!! After a few weeks on the medication I started to go out and a few months later I was much better.still get depressed but am able to deal with it a lot better xxxx. Hi-I take it for depression and anxiety.

What does zoloft do for anxiety
Does zoloft help your anxiety? - ZoloftLustral (sertraline)

Does anyone here take zoloft mainly for anxiety/panic disorder instead of depression? I am curious as to how it does for anxiety. I used to take it awhile back and it was just okay, but my doctor seems to like it and really believe in it for anxiety and panic.

By Trace Started November 23, 2012.

Are you taking anything else? Are you in therapy?

I am taking it for depression that my doc thinks is caused by anxiety.

i had to discontinue taking it because i gained about 25+ pounds on it. i took zoloft mainly for anxiety (also took it for mild depression), i have a lot of problems with general anxiety. for me, that was a more horrible feeling than how i felt before taking the medication. i absolutley loved everything about zoloft. it wiped away about 90% of my everyday anxiety issues, made me much more happy, less strung out, energetic (i guess because it lifted the depression), etc.

I take Zoloft for anxiety and obsessive thoughts. It's been great for that! As far as depression goes, it has made me feel rather numb, so my doctor added Wellbutrin, which helped a lot.

By Lindsay Started August 22, 2016.

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Are you taking anything else? Are you in therapy?

Of course, everyone is different! -Ari.

Zoloft can help all types of anxiety, including GAD. All ssri's can be helpful for anxiety. Just because a medicine doesn't have an indication for a disorder, doesn't mean it doesn't help.

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By Trace Started March 14, 2012.

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-Bean. Please keep us posted with how you're doing.

Posted January 8, 2007 · Report post Jumbled:

Posted January 8, 2007 · Report post.

Talk to your doctor about raising the dose a little. 100mg is an average dose, some people respond better to higher doses, dosage range is 50-200mg.

i have gone that route and according to them since both me and my H go to work everyday we r considered over the income levels for this type of help. Thanks bean.

I'm so glad you've found some relief! Good for you!

I'm taking 25 mg to start, hoping thats all I'm going to need.

anyways, very good for my anxiety problems, but if you are concerned with weight, i would be cautious about zoloft.

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I do remember getting headaches when I first started.the band around the forehead feeling. I think it's great for anxiety, but it makes me hungry. I hope the zoloft continues to work for you. I want to eat all the time when I'm on lexapro for some reason. Thanks for your reply, Lisa. I do remember it made me a little shaky, but after time I felt better. I have tried lexapro and really like it. I have taken both 50 and 100mg in the past. It used to make me itch really bad, but that went away.

Whatever, you may want to try something else if it isn't working after a few months, because Zoloft not working well for anxiety is very common. A lot of doctors just have a "favourite" drug that they give out on a one-size-fits-all basis, either because they've seen it work well in a lot of previous patients, or because they got a nice set of golf clubs from the manufacturers as an incentive so it might be that. That's not to say it never works for anxiety or bipolar - some people swear by it, etc. But if a doctor has given it out as the first choice for anxiety, that's strange, because along with Prozac it's the least recommended SSRI for this purpose.

How long have you been taking Zoloft?

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im not in therapy cause i dont have ins and cant afford it and i do have my xanax if things get real bad.

Im glad its working for some of you as despite my best efforts im turning into the complete arsehole i was at the begining of the school year. I was originally started on it because of this at 50mg a day and increased too 100 because i was in physical pain and the Doc said it heightens your pain threshold. Ive been on 100mg a day for Severe anxeity and deppresion, but i feel its not working.

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By evalynn Started March 11.

I thought it was approved for just about everything. Oh well!. Ugh! It figures what works would cause that! I didn't realize until I was researching meds the ohter day that zoloft is approved for all anxiety disorders except gad. I've taken zoloft in the past and gained weight on it.

i know it is corney but.i have here and it helps. thanks i really appreciate it.

Started by americandancer, August 16, 2006.

Posted August 16, 2006 · Report post Hi.

Did it help you when you were on it a while back? My doctor feels like Zolft or Lexapro are to two best meds for anxiety and panic disorder.

I'm so glad you've found some relief! Good for you!

Zoloft is really a pill for depression, not anxiety. It generally works better on people who are DOWN, rather than unpleasantly UP, if you see what I mean. This is for the same reason it's not usually used in bipolar - it can encourage slight mania, which is great if you're so depressed you can't move, not so great if you're anxious or if you have a tendency to mania in the first place as part of the illness.

-Bean. I'm sorry that the sliding scale route won't work for you. If I have any other ideas, I'll let you know immediay.

marmitejar, what mg are you taking? I'm glad it's working for you. You're lucky to have found something to work for you.

My name is Lisa.I have been on zoloft for about three months now.I am only taking 25mg.I can't tolerate 50 mg. Because I am very sensitive to most anti-depressants.At first even 25mg gave me severe tremors and severe headaches along with nausea.The side-effects are better.But I still get some dizziy spells and headaches.I don't know if it is coming from the Zoloft or not.But my anxiety is still there,but a little better.

I have been on Zoloft since may 19th for panic attacks. I was having attacks for 5 yrs before i even went to the doc. Now I don't even reall think about it anymore. the only side effects I have is I sometimes need a nap in the afternoon. But considering how i felt b4 I cn live with it. Good luck to all of you. It has made a huge difference. I feel so much better. I thought I was dying. And the sexual side effect is there but there are times that it can happen for me. It took the full 8 weeks for it to work. I take 50mg in the morning. and it was like one day i just woke up and was better the se's were gone and I could go out and eat at a resturant again. I'm so glad i found my magic pill to make me better. i hope you all find yours.

I don't know though!

Call your local hospital, ask for the "patient services" department. There are many therapists who charge on a sliding scale, based on your ability to pay. -Bean. They should be able to make a referral for you.

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My doctor says 25mg is fine for me.But you probably could take a higher dosage if you were on it before.

By GAJ123 Started December 12.

I hope you start to feel better! Take Care! Lisa.

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Please keep us posted. -Bean.

Please keep us posted with how you're doing. -Bean well said.

Posted December 11, 2006 · Report post Ajumbledmess:

I do get the numb feeling and in the mornings I can feel a little spacey and tired. It has reduced my depression some what, but not compley. I am taking Zoloft for anxiety and depression. I am not so anxious when I am out and I can function better. I been on it for 2 months and take 100 mg a day. I find it did a good job of lower my anxiety.

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Posted December 22, 2006 · Report post Ajumbledmess:

You may need a change is dosage. -Bean. Talk to your doc. Feeling tired and spacey in the morning is a common complaint amongst those on Zoloft.

As for the anxiety, it has helped a lot. I've been on Zoloft for about 4 months for depression and anxiety. I'm a lot calmer now and I don't get as nervous as I used to. I can't say it's helped the depression because I just feel so low all the time and I have something on my mind that I really need to talk about, but I can't because I haven't made enough posts and it's making me cry. Haven't lost my temper in quite a while. I used to have a really bad temper and I'd get so anxious over the smallest thing. I know this is an oldish topic, but thought I'd reply.

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What does zoloft do for anxiety