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Does sertraline help anxiety? Sertraline Patient

7.19.2018 | Anthony Jerome

Personally my symptoms were headaches, ring of pressure around head, disphoria, stomach hurting, very tense to the point of being sore, sleep problems, arms tingling, face numbness. I feel everything.

What does zoloft do for anxiety
Does sertraline help anxiety? Sertraline Patient

Yes. My husband had bought the 12hr pills and 24hr pills. I was having seasonal sinus issues and Mucinex DM was supposedly the best.

5mg Ativan every night before bed. And if I feel a hint of an attack coming on, I take one right away (it takes 20 mins to take affect). Now I take a.

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:-). Sorry this was long. If you have any more questions, or I missed something, let me know.

How long did it take for you to feel the benefits from zoloft? Did you have any side effects and how long have you been on it?

Some people can handle an antidepressant and antianxiety medicine together. I could not. You can have anxiety and depression together. It made my anxiety worse. That helped me tremendously. Ask your doctor about Lexapro. Also, make sure you are going to a physiatrist.

I tried citalopram before and felt it helped make me happier but I still had anxiety. I've just switched to this med over citalopram. Does anyone know if sertraline is good for anxiety?. I definiy feel like my problem is anxiety related which turns into depression when left untreated.

My doctor seems veryyy reluctant to give me any anti anxiety meds I asked for a benzo like diazepam and she said all that would do is send me to sleep and she could only prescribe 5 days worth! She did however give me the beta blocker Propranolol which doesn't help what I want it to help.

Took awhile for citalopram to kick in but made me feel happier and perhaps more appetite. I don't get panic attacks this is why I've been confused as to wether it was anxiety or depression. I'm certain it's Feeling Depressed in Reaction to. Lowered my sex drive though and was still unmotivated and anxiety still there also still indecisive.

Then to 3x a day, to 2x a day. As my Zoloft went up I could stretch that out to every 6 hrs. When I started, 3 yrs ago, I was so bad I would have to take 1mg Ativan every 3-4 hrs.

By the time I got up to 250mg, I had gained it back (which meant I was feeling better). I had lost 50lbs from the massive anxiety.

It will get better!!! Hang in there. Absoluy! It is great to have people to talk to who have been thru it.

I finally went to a pchyciatrist and that was a God send. From that point I saw whatever doctor could see me because I was frozen with fear all the time. I had a massive panic attack. He explained things to me. I never noticed I had any anxiety till about 3 yrs ago. Like why my body was doing things and why I was feeling the way I was.

When he did, my body had a flash of heat from head to toe (I call it 'fire' because that's what it felt like) and immediay thought I couldn't breathe, felt like I was going to pass out, etc.

I was sleepy, feeling weird, vision problems, etc.

Thank you Vanessa, this is exactly what I wanted to hear!!

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I have tried different ones in the past and had side effects with them all. Then when I would try and get off 3 different times it would seem like about 2.5 months later I would get worse. I have a hard time with these medicines. Thank you for your reply. I start off with a low dose and the side effects make me stop. I have Xanax too but I just am uncomfortable taking these medicines. I was not sure if it was withdrawal or what. I started 12.5 MG of Zoloft a few days ago and stopped because of the side effects.

I actually just got back from the dr and hes increasing my dose to 50mg. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to message me. The first week/ week and a half of taking the medicine made my anxiety increase (this is normal) but after it adjust to your body it helps so so much. Hello! I just started taking sertraline for sever anxiety and panic attacks a little over a month ago and holy cow has there been a drastic difference. I couldn't eat, sleep, or function, and I am starting to feel like myself again.

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Do you know what caused your panic/anxiety if you didn't have it before?

It also gives me peace of mine when I keep it in my purse. Psychiatrists understand their importance and use. Plus when I feel an attack coming on, it can calm me down within 20 mins. They calm my insides. do you see a psychiatrist or a family practice doctor? that makes a difference. In my experience FP doctors don't like to give benzo's out because they are addictive. I couldn't reach my max dosage without them. They do not make me sleepy.

Zoloft, it's no generic name, is very good for high anxiety, panic disorders, OCD. It has helped mine! It took awhile and some patience but leveled out.

Also what benzo are our were you taking?

You can definetly have both. Ive had panic disorder for 7 years and only had slight depression twice. In my own experince and views depression makes me tired, down and weepy. But i can also only have one. But the anxiety i can ne perfectlt happy and normal except i occasionally feel shaky and nervous and have to find a bathroom and deficate (sorry tmi) and brethe deeply to avoid a panic attack and once i get past that feeling i am compley back ro normal.its all how your mind and body process it all.

Seems quite hard to get to see a psychiatrist on the NHS and that's all I would be able to afford. I see just a regular GP.

Not looking, I took two of the 24 hr pills instead of the 12hr ones.

It has been wonderful having the Ativan. Especially since I have anxiety about having anxiety. It gives me peace of mind.

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If months from now im still anxious then my dr wants to try putting me on citalopram. But i am currently coming off of the sertraline and trying to go without meds only the occasional diazapam for when panic attacks occur. But now u r making me iffy about it. It honestly depends on each individual person. It didnt calm my general anxiety but it did make my panic attacks less severe and easier to calm down from them. What was your experiance?.

When my husband came home, I let him know how I was feeling and he began to read the back of the box.

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My Problems with Anxiety though even though one doctor said anxiety and depression are the same thing :-/ sometimes think GP'S don't know what they're on about in regard to mental health.

I thought I was dying.

I still take Ativan as needed. I'm at 200mg now. I've been on Zoloft the who time.

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ugh! The who time I would take Ativan (benzo's) every 3-6 hrs. at least that's what my counselor said. I would then go up by 25mg every two weeks. Going up higher than that, the symptoms were rough. He put me on Zoloft 25mg. It was tedious and frustrating. Everytime I went up in dose, it took 8-10 days for my symptoms to level out. When I got to 100mg I could finally feel a slight difference in the better. I was bad. I needed the Ativan to get past that dosage. I got up to 250mg and felt great.

What does zoloft do for anxiety