Prescriber Checkup ALPRAZOLAM

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$17 2011 $18 2012 $20 2013 $22 2014 $23 2015. Average amount that patients without a low-income subsidy paid each year.

Psychiatry Claims Filled 7,810 MAYAGUEZ Puerto Rico Specialist Claims Filled 6,383 VEGA BAJA Puerto Rico Psychiatry Claims Filled 5,663 FALL RIVER Massachusetts Psychiatry Claims Filled 5,646 MIAMI Florida Psychiatry Claims Filled 4,275 CAGUAS Puerto Rico Psychiatry Claims Filled 4,041 AGUADILLA Puerto Rico Internal Medicine Claims Filled 3,488 CHATTANOOGA Tennessee Internal Medicine Claims Filled 3,442 BLOOMFIELD HILLS Michigan Specialist Claims Filled 3,361 ST PETERSBURG Florida Specialist Claims Filled 3,229 PLANT CITY Florida Psychiatry Claims Filled 3,134 KISSIMMEE Florida Psychiatry Claims Filled 3,097 PONCE Puerto Rico Family Medicine Claims Filled 3,091 HACKLEBURG Alabama Psychiatry Claims Filled 3,063 GREENVILLE South Carolina Family Medicine Claims Filled 3,025 STEELE Missouri General Practice Claims Filled 2,981 DEARBORN Michigan Psychiatry Claims Filled 2,906 MAYAGUEZ Puerto Rico Psychiatry Claims Filled 2,801 RIO PIEDRAS Puerto Rico Psychiatry Claims Filled 2,777 CAPE GIRARDEAU Missouri Psychiatry Claims Filled 2,762 JONESBORO Georgia. If you have other questions about this data, send a note to. If you are a provider and you believe your address is incorrect, check the listing you created on the National Provider Identifier registry. If you change your listing, send a note to and we will update your information.

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The number of Medicare prescriptions for this drug each year 1.31M 2011 1.44M 2012 12.5M 2013 13.7M 2014 14.5M 2015.

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The total Part D spending on this drug each year $11.9M 2011 $13.1M 2012 $89.9M 2013 $92.2M 2014 $103M 2015.

Prescriber Checkup ALPRAZOLAM

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Methodology ». This database lists about 447,000 of those providers who wrote 50 or more prescriptions for at least one drug that year. The data for 2015 includes more than 1.4 billion prescriptions written by nearly 1.4 million doctors, nurses and other providers. Prescribing data from Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, known as Part D, was compiled and released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that oversees the program. More than three-fourths of these prescriptions went to patients 65 and older; the rest were for disabled patients.

Clinical Child Adolescent Psychologist Claims Filled 2,712 PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania Internal Medicine Claims Filled 2,708 HAYTI Missouri Psychologist Claims Filled 2,609 NEW PORT RICHEY Florida Psychiatry Claims Filled 2,570 CLEVELAND Tennessee Addiction Psychiatry Claims Filled 2,522 BECKLEY West Virginia ProPublica.

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Source: National Library of Medicine. Treats anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia (trouble sleeping), and anxiety caused by depression.

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